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Some great Fall shots thanks to

Carolyn Haggard 10/18/19

This chart is a general reference only. Weights of people and vehicles vary so this information is not guaranteed!  Check the ice for yourself and don't proceed if you are unsure! (Click on image for larger version.)

Ice Thickness Chart

Beautiful sunset over the July fourth weekend.

The Ice is out! Let Summer begin!

Carolyn Haggard 5-6-19

Ice road on Flat Lake 3-17-19

Flat Lake side of the landing.  3-17-19

The road across Mud Lake  3-17-19

Trail Report

The Houston Loop Trail (trails 1, 3 and 4) were groomed today along with connector trails to trail 6. Trail 5 is in awesome shape.

Trail 6 is a construction zone due to bridge construction. The trail is messed up but not in terrible shape. It is likely to remain in less than optimum shape for the rest of the season due to construction.

There was no new snow this week. The base varies with an average of 36 inches. Temperatures have been ranging from 20 degrees to 37 degrees. Lots of great powder off trail.



Dan Mayfield

Big Lake Trails, Inc.



Seems I have a regular visitor. The path goes from the treeline to the underside of my front deck.

Rob Nuss 2-23-19

Not real sure what happened here, but it's a bumpy stretch of Ice-5. The object on the right berm is a car bumper. Ouch!


Nice aerial shots of Big Lake taken Monday by Wes Erb. Burston Island and Hulen Point with some open water showing.



Here are some shots from over the weekend. The ice has a lot of new cracks in it, but seems to be healing nicely.

Rob Nuss 12-3-18

Flat Lake Weather

Monday, 11/12/19. Last nights low was 23.  We're expecting sunny skies today, with a high in the mid 30s. The low tonight is forecast to be in the upper 20s, under partly cloudy skies. Cloudy skies are predicted for tomorrow,  with a chance of freezing rain, and a high in the mid 30s.


Our cove is completely covered with ice, other than a small spot out in the middle. Ice is forming on large areas of the west end of Flat Lake. The islands are surrounded. The main part of Flat Lake is still wide open,  but we plan to pull our pontoon boat today. 


Mud Lake is at least 75% covered in ice. I had to break ice up to an inch thick to get through the Big Lake channel today.  Greg said that the ice was almost out to the outer docks at Burkeshore yesterday.  Ice was also forming in other coves on Big Lake.


It's this time of year when we talk about "lake turnover". That's the process that occurs during freeze up.


When the lake temperature drops in the fall, the magic number is 39.  Water reaches it's maximum density at about 39° F.  When surface water chills to 39°, it is more dense than the water below it, so it sinks. That forces warmer water below,  which is less dense, to the surface.


At the surface, in contact with the cold air, the water again chills to 39°,  and sinks, forcing more warmer water to the surface.  It gets cold and sinks, and the process continues until all the water from the bottom to the surface has "turned over", and is 39°.


At that point, the water no longer sinks, and can stay in contact with the cold air.  The surface temperature continues to drop  until it reaches 32°, when it freezes.


Once again,  thanks to Larry Taylor, the originator of this website, for his concise and understandable explanation of this process.




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Aurora Forcast

Thanks To Larry Taylor


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page entitled"Camp"Tukuskoya"  The page focuses on the early days of the camp, but there's a lot to see in the backgrounds of the images as well. Accompanying the images is a first hand recollection from one of the early campers.

If you have old pictures of the lake and would like to send them to me, I'd be happy to put together another page.

Parts of the lake are starting to ice over.

Carolyn Haggard 11/11/19

Frosty mornings and brilliant colors! Winter is on it's way. Beautiful when the sun is out.

Views of the ice roads.

Carolyn Haggard 3-21-19


A few hole are starting to appear on the roads.

Carolyn Haggard 3-21-19

Click on letter for larger image

It looks like trail grooming could be in danger of losing funds. Read the above letter for more details.

It looks like there's another hole in Ice-5 one mile from South Shore State Park. Dan Mayfield put this out on the Blg Lake Trails Facebook page. A  tree with surveyors tape has been used to mark the spot. The road across Flat Lake good with no issues.


The start of an ice road! Many thanks to the group of volunteers that are clearing the snow off to let the ice get thicker.

Please remember the road fund. The plowing group spends a lot of time, money, and wear and tear to create the roads that we all use.

Thanks to Aron Alleva 12-14-18

The high pressure ridge is continuing to cause problems at the channel. Turk cut it up again, but there’s water from the channel flooding that area. Warming temps aren't going to help.

Carolyn Haggard 11-25-18

The west end of Big Lake is finally freezing over, at least for now.

It's still too thin to venture out very far to measure so you definitely want to stay off or at least be very careful!

Thanks to Cathy Mayfield


Things are freezing up again!

Thanks to Carolyn Haggard for the pictures!


Still a lot of open water on Big Lake.

Thanks to Cozette Karella for the pictures. 11-17-18

Several cool shots of Big Lake.

Thanks to Cathy Mayfield


Some very cool drone shots of the newly formed ice on the lake.

Thank you to Shawn Veech.



Sounds like ice is building in parts of the lake. More pictures in the recent photos section of the weather report.

Photos thanks to Carolyn Haggard


Very cool fall picture!

Thanks to Carolyn Haggard.


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