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We had an interesting visitor Saturday evening. While we were in doing the dishes, this little guy got up on the table and decided to do a bit of wine tasting.It didn't get too far, but it was fun to watch.

The fire, burning north of Willow, saw moderate growth to the west, north, and south Monday and is now estimated at 7,512 acres. Red Flag Warnings are in effect today for high winds, high temperatures, low humidity and dry lightning.

Click here for a cleaner version of the map.  6-16-15

Things were getting a bit crowded on the page so I had to clean it up and start over. Everything that was on the home page has been moved to a link on the Memories page.

Time for some serious housecleaning!




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ON FLAT LAKE TIME is the story of how my beautiful, resourceful wife, Gail, and I solved the many unforeseen problems encountered when we moved off the road system to a remote cabin on a lake in Big Lake, Alaska. It chronicles the adventurous lives of the Flat Lake “home guard” and the shift in perspective it takes to fully enjoy and look forward to the next challenge.

Flat Lake Weather

Friday, 7//31/15.  Yesterday was sunny, with a high around 70.  Clear and calm this morning, with a low of 52. 








 Haggard Boat Storage and Repair http://haggardstorage.com/


Self-storage units now available for rent at Haggard Storage.  The units are 10' x 10', with concrete floors and interior sheetrock walls.  Heated units are $85 per month, unheated are $55 per month.  Units are available under a 6 month minimum contract.  Rent one for a year, and take 10% off! - Dale and Carolyn Haggard Call 907-892-7797 or 907-232-7411

We can also put a skookum top on as well as glass in your boat:

Dale Haggard

Carolyn Haggard

Aurora Forcast

Thanks To Larry Taylor

Awesome sunset Saturday evening!

Carolyn sent in a couple shots from over the weekend.

Sockeye Fire Relief Fund

This Saturday the 1st at the Big Lake lions Club. The entire flyer can be viewed here.

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