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$6.99 pre-sale. $8.99 regular price.
4/19/2014 publication. 

ON FLAT LAKE TIME is the story of how my beautiful, resourceful wife, Gail, and I solved the many unforeseen problems encountered when we moved off the road system to a remote cabin on a lake in Big Lake, Alaska. It chronicles the adventurous lives of the Flat Lake home guard and the shift in perspective it takes to fully enjoy and look forward to the next challenge.

For Sale - Flat Lake House

View of the lake from the front windows in summer

View from the shore 2-story, 2-Bedroom, 1 Bath, heated bunkhouse (left), greenhouse (right), shop (left rear), dock, 150 foot shoreline, 2.21 acres, roadless access, large lawn, extensive gardens, North Shore Flat Lake, sun all winter, quiet neighbors, one of the three connected lakes - Flat Lake, Mud Lake, Big Lake. Described in the book (below). 
Carolyn Haggard (Thanks!) photo.
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2/3/14 - Self storage units for rent at Haggard Boat Storage and Repair Self-storage units now available for rent at Haggard Storage.  The units are 10' x 10', with concrete floors and interior sheetrock walls.  Heated units are $85 per month, unheated are $55 per month.  Units are available under a 6 month minimum contract.  Rent one for a year, and take 10% off! - Dale and Carolyn Haggard Call 907-892-7797 or 907-232-7411

The "Toyo-Doctor" makes house calls. 
     John Ohmann is a Trained Toyostove Technician. When we met him ten years ago on Flat Lake, he was building up house calls and working another job. Now he repairs Toyostoves full time. Mr. Ohmann knows Toyostove philosophy and can explain how they work. For an appointment call 354-4831. 
Stay warm! (1/25/14, We will; John made his annual house call to our cabin today.)
Larry Taylor, Jr.

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Haggard Boat Storage and Repair http://haggardstorage.com/

Self-storage units now available for rent at Haggard Storage.  The units are 10' x 10', with concrete floors and interior sheetrock walls.  Heated units are $85 per month, unheated are $55 per month.  Units are available under a 6 month minimum contract.  Rent one for a year, and take 10% off! - Dale and Carolyn Haggard Call 907-892-7797 or 907-232-7411

We can also put a skookum top on
as well as glass in your boat:

Dale Haggard




Panhandle Law Center, LLC


Ice thickness safety chart. (Does not apply to rotten ice!)

Visiting Southeast Alaska?
Stay at the Sitka International Hostel - year round.

Flat Lake Snowfall totals
'13-'14: 57.25 inches +
'12-'13: 73.75 inches
'11-'12: 96.00 inches 
'10-'11: 42.25 inches
 '09-'10: 76.50 inches
'08-'09: 98.50 inches
'07-'08: 73.25 inches
'06-'07: 46.00 inches 

High 6/22/12 82 F
High 5/27/11 79.3 F
High 7/9/10 81.0 F
High 7/7/09 88.7 F
High 7/4/08 81.7 F
High 6/21/07 85.5 F

Low 12/17/12 -30 F (so far)
Low 1/1/12 -20  F
Low 1/16/11 - 24.0 F 
Low 11/16/09 - 20.0 F 
Low 1/1/09 - 40.0 F
Low 2/3/08 - 25.1 F
Low 1/9/07 - 33.0 F

AK Mining Alaska Webcams
(So we can see what the weather's like in Anchorage)

Alaska Road Traveler Information Service 
Request Free Alaska Highway Map

Aurora Forecast

ice thickness safety chart
(Not good for rotten spring ice)

Big Lake Webcam


"You don't have to be loony to live here, but it helps."

It is always a good day, though,
when we get to go to the cabin.

- Steve Wright, Crooked Lake

Flat Lake, Alaska 
4/18/14 6:30 AM, 32 F and overcast.
Last measurable snowfall 3/5/14: 8 inches
Total snowfall so far this winter 57.25 inches +

Haggard Ice Report Photos

Aurora Forecast
Don't Drive Through the Channels. 

Trucks Through The Ice

Ice thickness safety chart.

Big Lake Weather (Wunderground)

Alaska Road Traveler Information Service 

Ice House Registration (and other permits)

Nice USGS earthquake map with clickable local reports.

IPS Meteostar for the radar weather map

Flat Lake Freeze-up Water Temps
(Thanks to Rio Merriman's science fair project)

      Date___        Air__            6 inches deep   6 feet deep
   10/10/13         38.4F               46.0F            46.0F
   10/11/13         41.6F               45.5F            45.3F
   10/12/13         42.1F               45.5F            45.3F
   10/13/13         39.8F               44.9F            44.6F
   10/14/13         41.6F               44.7F            44.6F
   10/15/13         46.5F               44.9F            44.7F
   10/17/13         44.6F               45.1F            44.9F
   10/20/13         46.5F               44.7F            44.6F
   10/21/13         42.0F               44.7F            44.7F
   10/23/13         34.0F               44.0F            43.8F
   10/24/13         32.5F               43.5F            43.5F
  7 AM 10/25/13     34.7F           43.1F            43.1F
10 AM 10/25/13     34.0F           43.1F            42.9F
  5 PM 10/25/13     41.6F           43.3F            43.1F
    10/26/13        32.6F               42.8F            42.9F
     10/27/13        39.2F               42.6F            42.6F 
    10/29/13        38.0F               41.9F            41.9F
    10/30/13        37.5F               41.7F            41.9F
    10/31/13        37.5F               41.7F            41.7F
     11/1/13        39.4F               41.7F            42.0F
      11/5/13        34.0F               40.4F            40.4F 
11/6/13 AM        29.5F               39.9F            39.9F
11/6/13 PM        28.5F             *39.2F*          39.9F
       11/7/13        27.1F               38.8F            39.2F 
       11/8/13        21.8F               37.0F            37.9F 
11/9/13 AM        22.3F               36.1F            37.7F
11/9/13 PM        27.1F               33.2F            37.5F
11/10/13 AM      28.9F               34.3F            36.8F
    11/13/13        23.0F               32.0F            37.7F
    11/15/13        28.9F               32.1F            37.5F
       12/3/13          8.2F               25.5F            36.8F 
       12/4/13        19.5F               28.2F            37.0F 
       12/6/13        29.8F               30.7F            37.2F 
       12/6/13        30.7F               31.1F            37.0F 
    12/21/13        35.6F               27.2F            26.8F
    12/25/13         -6.7F                 n/aF            34.8F
    1/1/14            25.8F                 n/aF            34.8F
     1/29/14         22.1F                -2.2F            34.3F
     2/24/14         17.6F                16.7F            33.4F
     3/3/14           28.1F                19.4F            33.6F
     3/8/14           21.7F                19.7F            33.2F
     3/14/14         28.9F                  8.2F            33.0F
     3/24/14         33.4F                 32.0F            31.5F
     3/24/14         ----F                  5.5F            33.8F
A little warming trend at 6 feet down. Harbinger of spring?

Heather on snowmachine.jpeg (82988 bytes)
This is Danny's spot. Here he is June 18, 2011 taking Heather Kincaid on her wedding ride on Big Lake.

Loon nesting on Scott and Rachel's Island 6/29/08
Excerpts from an Alaskan writer's manuscript, The Freezing of Lakes, Flying Squirrels, Ice Puppy photos, and Iced In:
On Flat Lake Time.

Samples of each of the Elements in the Periodic Table that are safe to display excite mineralologists and chemists at the
 Alaska Museum of Natural History
The display was built to order and donated by the
Alaska Section of the American Chemical Society.

Vintage Flat Lake link

Photo and Video Cache

2013 Ice Classic Golf

2012 Flat Lake Gourmet Ski-In Picnic
IMG_3968.jpg (173356 bytes)
More photos

Haggard's New Years Party 2012

Flat Lake Recipes

Photo-story: Loon Tragedy

6th Flat Lake Invitational Golf Tournament

11/12/10 Ice Report video

Burston Island Fire link

Flat Lake Break-Up Party 2010


Everyone had a good time at the 30th Annual 2010 Flat Lake Cross Country Ski Gourmet Picnic. more photos

Video Cache of our Governor Sarah Palin giving husband Todd a send-off kiss in the 2007 Iron Dog Snowmachine Race. (Lots of searches for Sarah Palin, but they are distracted by "Vehicles that broke through the ice" and the ice thickness safety chart.)

Big Lake Trails Photos & and Project Story

Anna Violette Reports

Dan Kruse YouTube on building his house: slide show 
SavingGraceAK - April 25, 2010 - Building our family cabin...lots of memories

Haggard's 2010 New Years Party Photos


Loon battle on ice videos

The 29th Flat Lake Gourmet Ski-in Picnic
Theme: "Alaska's 50th Anniversary of Statehood"
2009 Picnic Album

and Flat Lake Alaska Flag Song video

The 4th (2009) Flat Lake Open Golf Tournament

Flat Lake Masters 2008 photos

Haggards' 2008 New Year's Party On Ice

The 28th Annual Flat Lake Gourmet Ski-in Luau

Iditarod Race Champion Lance Mackey

Black bear video

Mother and baby porcupine wrestling

 Freeze-up 2008 photos

Pauli's 40th (a retrospective)

Ben and Maeve's Flat Lake Wedding

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4/17/14 South Big Lake Access Closed
     Please share this with everyone who comes to Big Lake.
     The gate at the Southshore State Park was closed and locked today. Users of this access will not be able to get on or off the lake using this approach. The ice is quickly degrading in this area.
     Having looked at the North Shore Park and the MSB Launch area off of S. Big Lake Road, the same conditions apply. I would not recommend using these approaches either. Stay safe. Your family will appreciate it.
     Dan Mayfield,
     Bjg Lake Trails

4/17/14 Haggard Ice Report
Spring is definitely here! As you can see, the swans have returned to Fish Creek. They were here last week, along with some golden eyes. And a couple Canada geese flew overhead, honking, as I took these photos of the swans.
     The ice is still holding up well. I measured 29" of solid ice under a few inches of slush in our parking lot. The ice is still holding tight to shore. I drove the Avalanche out this morning with no trouble at all. Temps were in the upper 20's, so everything froze up pretty firm. We've found the top few inches to be getting pretty sloppy, though, in the afternoons and evenings. For that reason, I elected to leave the truck at the channel tonight, and walk in. I think we'll be snowmachining back and forth now. There's still lots of good ice- no holes anywhere, that I know of. I just don't want to take a chance on getting stuck. We stopped driving Big Lake a week ago, due to poor conditions at the Big Lake/Mud Lake channel.
     If you plan to drive a truck in on Flat Lake, I would suggest traveling early in the day. As long as the skies are clear overnight, it's been below freezing, and traveling has been easy. We were just driving on the snowmachine trail. Expect to break through some slushy stuff if you come in after
 noon. The walking wasn't bad- I broke through the slush in a few places, but it wasn't deep. There's enough snow for cooling if you snowmachine along the berms.
     Happy Easter, everyone!

Big Lake Web Cam
biglakewebcam.jpg (640480)

Courtesy of Mike Kangas

THROUGHOUT ALASKA - At midnight, if the sky is clear, you can SEE THE RED MOON for about 78 minutes. The action starts on April 15when the full Moon passes through the amber shadow of Earth, producing a midnight eclipse visible across North America. So begins a lunar eclipse tetrada series of 4 consecutive total eclipses occurring at approximately six month intervals. The total eclipse of April 15, 2014, will be followed by another on Oct. 8, 2014, and another on April 4, 2015, and another on Sept. 28 2015. The most unique thing about the 2014-2015 tetrad is that all of them are visible for all or parts of the USA For more information and to see a video, go to this link.

IMG_1271.JPG (130842 bytes)
Recreating on Mud Lake

IMG_1260.JPG (224995 bytes)
Our moving crew, lead by the Muldovians. Quite a sad picture, actually. 
Cabin on the market. Inquiries: 354-2569 Larry Taylor, Jr.

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Dan Hall 907-315-0061
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IditUS.jpg (106313 bytes)
Wes Erb, Assistant Head Pilot, Iditarod Air Force and Julie Kittams, an Iditarod Veterinarian in Nome at the Iditarod 2014 finish.

IMG_0727.jpg (208025 bytes)
Wes Erb's extra truck, FOR SALE: 1997 F250HD Ford XLT extended cab with 162K miles. Unleaded fuel with mileage about 10 mi/gal.  Asking $4500 OBO. 
(907) 441-2382.

Summer can't be far away
Big Lake Introductions.jpg (69392 bytes)
Big Lake Introductions, by Kathy Glines

"Your piece of the Alaskan mystique"
Long Island, Sitka, Alaska

The Cabin on Long Island Beach Front Property.


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