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2003 Polaris 340 Classic


This sled is in incredible shape. We are the original owners and it has lived in a shed all it's life. 340 fan cooled, electric start, (it needs a new battery), reverse, rear view mirrors, hand warmers, extra belt. This is a great machine for the beginning rider. The seat, cowling, windshield and skis are all in excellent condition and the engine compartment is super clean. Our kids learned on this machine but they are grown and gone. Starts every time with very little effort and runs like a champ.


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Beautiful shot of the icicles hanging from the roof.

Bob Shem March 2017

This is what boiling water looks like when you fling it in sub-zero temps.

Carolyn Haggard - January 2017

Cool looking clouds in the mornings this week!

Carolyn 10-13-16

Mixed weather on Labor Day weekend. Beautiful Saturday, dry Sunday, and absolutely soggy on Monday.

Pray for snow this year!!


An aerial view of the floating portion of the Craig Johnson remembrance of life.

Greg Gursey 7-9-16

We had an interesting visitor Saturday evening. While we were in doing the dishes, this little guy got up on the table and decided to do a bit of wine tasting.It didn't get too far, but it was fun to watch.

Flat Lake Weather

Ice roads are still in excellent condition.


Sunday,  3/26/17.  The low this morning was 4 above. We expect sunny skies today, and warmer temperatures, with a high in the low 30's. The low tonight is forecast to be around 10 above.  Tomorrow may bring the start of a warming trend,  with a high into the upper 30s, and some clouds moving in.  Highs in the 40s with clouds and snow showers are predicted for the week.  Looks like this long stretch of sunny weather may be coming to an end.


Total snowfall for the season is 54".  Snow depth is 18".


 Flat Lake has been completely frozen over since November 16. The ice roads and driveways have been plowed. Locals are now using full size cars and trucks on the lakes, and Burkeshore and Fisher's Fuel are delivering fuel oil.  According to an Army Corps of Engineers ice chart, 34" will support 140,000 lbs., assuming it's all good, clear ice, and temps are and have been below freezing.  We have 35" of ice in front of our place, as of 3/25/17.



 Please ask your kids and visitors to avoid spinning their tracks in the snow berms. The mound of snow that they throw into the road sets up hard, and creates speed bumps that are hard on the equipment and the drivers when we plow the roads and driveways.


It's worth noting that the ice roads on Big Lake, Mud Lake, Root Beer Lake, and Flat Lake are a volunteer effort, not subsidized in any way by the state, borough, or any grants.  If you use the ice roads frequently, and would like to make a contribution to help these volunteers with gas and maintenance on their trucks, I will gladly accept any donations, and see that they are divided up among the the folks who spend a significant amount of their time and equipment establishing and maintaining these roads.  Checks can be made payable to Carolyn Haggard, 14949 Big Lake Lodge Rd., Wasilla, AK 99623.  If you spend much time plowing the main ice roads, and haven't  gotten a share from this unofficial fund in the past, please let me know so that you can be included.  Folks who have their own plows are always encouraged to drop their blade on the way in or out if the roads are being cleared.


These ice roads are are multi purpose, and are shared by cars, trucks, 4 wheelers, snowmachines and airplanes. Always give right of way to airplanes, and give them plenty of space.


Always check with locals and use a drill or chainsaw to check ice thickness as you go when venturing onto the unplowed ice, unless someone you trust has checked it first.  Ice thickness can vary greatly over relatively short distances.










Smashwords (mobi format for Kindle)



ON FLAT LAKE TIME is the story of how my beautiful, resourceful wife, Gail, and I solved the many unforeseen problems encountered when we moved off the road system to a remote cabin on a lake in Big Lake, Alaska. It chronicles the adventurous lives of the Flat Lake “home guard” and the shift in perspective it takes to fully enjoy and look forward to the next challenge.

 Haggard Boat Storage and Repair http:// haggardstorage.com/


Self-storage units now available for rent at Haggard Storage.  The units are 10' x 10', with concrete floors and interior sheetrock walls.  Heated units are $85 per month, unheated are $55 per month.  Units are available under a 6 month minimum contract.  Rent one for a year, and take 10% off!

Boat storage is $550 per year for a 9 1/2' x 28' covered spot.. - Dale and Carolyn Haggard Call 907-892-7797 or 907-232-7411

We can also put a skookum top on as well as glass in your boat:

Dale Haggard

Carolyn Haggard

Aurora Forcast

Thanks To Larry Taylor

Trail Ride Opportunity

Big Lake Trail Members


We have a membership ride happening this Saturday March 25th 1030AM. Of course we need to watch the weather, but at the moment it looks good to go. We will keep you posted via Facebook if we need to postpone.

Trail ride from Big Lake to Willow Eagle Quest lodge Willow back to Big Lake.

Designed for Intermediate to advanced riders

Bring a friend that is not a Club member and have them join on the spot. We will have Club Officials at the parking lot to receive applications and dues. Let's grow the club!

We will depart the Big Lake North Shore boat ramp at 1030AM. Please plan to be there early and ready to ride at 1030.

More details HERE.


Dan Mayfield  March 24, 2017

The crack on the road to the north shore. I hope this heals soon....

Carolyn Haggard - March 2017



Below is a request from Dan Mayfield for information regarding our road access to Flat Lake. (The Mud Lake / Flat Lake landing.)


As many of you know, one of the vitally important missions I am engaged in, is to insure that the Flat Lake Access area be protected for future generations as a transportation access point to your homes and cabins. I consider this important for all of you to have access to your property, public safety, preservation of trails and the free flow of commerce in our community.


Currently, the land at the access belongs to Mental Health Trust. The charter for Mental Health Trust demands that they must derive some economic benefit whenever they liquidate land. Let’s just say that it is a slow process working with them. However, I am hopeful that some resolution can be reached to have the Borough purchase the land or trade for the land with the idea of dedicating the property to public use. I have asked the Community Development department to work on a trade for other Borough land and I have asked the Borough Manager to see if we can find the funds in our upcoming budget to appropriate for the purpose of purchasing the land if required. Neither of these options is a certainty but I remain optimistic.


I am hoping you can help. I am requesting photos and statistics from anyone and everyone who may have them. I’m interested in knowing how long the access has been in use as an access point, what improvements have been made to the access by residents and when they were made, how many vehicles have fallen in the channel in the last 5 to 10 years, how many rescue missions have occurred and obviously any photos you can share with me so that I can make a visual history of the access. Once I am able to gather some of this information, I would like to engage residents in a petition or letter writing campaign to the Borough Assembly supporting a trade or purchase of the land.


Please contact me via email at dan.mayfield@matsugov.us with your photos, history or thoughts in regards to the access.


Very Best Regards,


Dan Mayfield

Mat-Su Assembly

District 5

Cool shot of a bubble that froze before popping and landed on a snowy tree limb.

Carolyn Haggard - January 2017

IT'S STARTING! Carolyn 10-23-16

Beautiful sunrise. Thanks to

Scott Seely!


Carolyn sent in a couple shots from over the weekend.


A new page

has been added to

the site. It's a link

on the"Memories"

page entitled"Camp"Tukuskoya"  The page focuses on the early days of the camp, but there's a lot to see in the backgrounds of the images as well. Accompanying the images is a first hand recollection from one of the early campers.

If you have old pictures of the lake and would like to send them to me, I'd be happy to put together another page.

A beautiful night after a gorgeous day! I'm loving this summer!


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