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This chart is a general reference only. Weights of people and vehicles vary so this information is not guaranteed!  Check the ice for yourself and don't proceed if you are unsure! (Click on image for larger version.)

Ice Thickness Chart

Sounds like ice is building in parts of the lake. More pictures in the recent photos section of the weather report.

Photos thanks to Carolyn Haggard


Very cool fall picture!

Thanks to Carolyn Haggard.


Flat Lake Weather

Friday,  11/16/18. Last night night's low was 19. It looks like we will have a warm and wet weekend in store for us. We expect freezing rain and rain showers today and tonight, with a high in the low 30s. The low tonight is expected to be in the upper 20s. Cloudy skies, with showers is the forecast for tomorrow, with a high in the mid 30s.



There is 2" of grey ice on top of clear ice on the lakes.  On Flat Lake, I found between 5" and 6" of ice between the channel and Pleasure and Flat Lake islands, along the route where the ice road usually goes. There's a little more than that around the islands on the west end, where it froze first. Jamie reports 4.5" of ice in front of Carbaughs, on the north shore, where it froze last.


These measurements include the 2" of grey ice, which has little strength. Only the thickness of the clear ice should be counted when deciding if there is enough ice to support your load.


There is some refrozen, broken ice at the bottom of the launch ramp at the channel, where water from the channel worked It's way around and eroded the ice. It's only a couple inches thick, but can be avoided by going around it on the side by the docks.  There are numerous blowholes that have refrozen with a couple inches if ice. They are obvious, and easily avoided. 


The ice is solid now, but above freezing temperatures are predicted for this weekend. Ice loses strength when temperatures are above freezing.


Mud Lake is completely frozen over, with a little more ice than Flat Lake. The east end of Big Lake has been frozen over for a week.  The west end of Big Lake has had some ice forming in the coves, and yesterday began to form some ice farther out. Cathy Mayfield said that the Call of the Wild cove was skimming over.


We begin to keep close track of the water temperature this time of year, because it helps us to better predict when we might expect to see the lake start freezing. The lakes freeze each year in a process known as "lake turnover".


Lake turnover begins when the surface temperature of the lake drops to 39 degrees. The important thing to remember is that water reaches its maximum density at 39 F. When the surface water reaches that temperature, it sinks to the bottom, and displaces the warmer water below.


That warmer water is then forced to the surface, where it is exposed to the cold air. When it reaches 39 degrees, it sinks, displacing the warmer water below, and forcing it to the surface where it then gets cold.


This process continues until the whole water column has cooled off to 39 degrees, and is the same density all the way down. At that point, the surface layer no longer sinks, and can remain in contact with the cold air. Its temperature continues to drop, and when it reaches 32 F, it can begin to freeze.


Thanks again to long time Flat Lake resident Larry Taylor,  who explained this process to us years ago.

Some very cool drone shots of the newly formed ice on the lake.

Thank you to Shawn Veech.


As a friendly reminder, the launch at Flat Lake is not a wintertime storage lot as the property is owned by the MSB as a right-of-way drive only.  Many boat skiffs have been pulled up into the launch area for apparent storage, which is not permitted, and a large debris pile of old decking needs to be removed asap by the owner or by the contractor who dumped it on their behalf in September.  If anyone knows who owns these boat skiffs or the large decking debris pile, please contact them and let them know their trespass property must be removed.




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Thanks To Larry Taylor


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