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Passed along from Dan Mayfield:


Merry Christmas!


Ice 5 on the west end of Big Lake is officially open for travel. Yours truly, Vern Monette and Cathy Mayfield plowed Ice 5 open from Burnt point to the Mud Lake access.


If you are traveling on the lake, please stick to the roads and be safe. Let the season begin!

Burkeshore Marina: 12-13-14


Well folks this winter is slow to set in.

We went out today to measure Ice west of Burnt point hoping to see some improvement.

Sad to say things look worse if you can believe that. Headed south west from Burnt Point to the south of Burston Island we went from a true measured thickness of eight inches to six and a half west Burston before we ran into a HUGE area of overflow stretching from Bentz is all the way to Crocker Island. Over flow varied from three to five inches on top of six inches of ice struggling to hold up all that slush.

At this point with the forcasts we have it is going to be tough to see New Years eve on the Ice


Erin Borowski sent in a link to a video that her son Ian and his friend Connor Zietlow made while having some fun on the ice a couple weeks ago.

From a safety standpoint, I'm not sure I'd recommend this, but the guys seem to be enjoying it.  12-4-14

Suspicious Activity Warning!


Paul Hansmeyer forwarded an important e-mail from a Horseshoe Lake resident:


"I received this email from Cathi Kramer over on Horseshoe Lake."


Hello Neighbors, I was made aware of some suspicious activity in the Big Lake area last night …. Please be on the lookout for a Black S-10 Blazer / late 90’s – license plate GLV975 with 2 male occupants. Please contact the Alaska State Troopers if you see this vehicle. Occupants were seen fleeing from a home in the Big Lake area on 11/18/14 and have been reported in other areas as well. FYI - MEA has a scheduled power outage for our area from 1 pm – 3 pm today. Stay safe and warm! Thank You, Cathi Horseshoe Lake Firewise Coordinator

The first of the season!

Remember to check the ice!

Over by Loon point, he was heading towards North shore campground? He was lucky there was a road nearby and towed it out the next morning.

TundraBen  11-9-14

Tundraben sent out some interesting shots from around Long Island. Click here to see.





Smashwords (mobi format for Kindle)



ON FLAT LAKE TIME is the story of how my beautiful, resourceful wife, Gail, and I solved the many unforeseen problems encountered when we moved off the road system to a remote cabin on a lake in Big Lake, Alaska. It chronicles the adventurous lives of the Flat Lake “home guard” and the shift in perspective it takes to fully enjoy and look forward to the next challenge.

Jake, Craig, Wes, Calvin and Jaye have been hard at it, and their work is displayed in a great photo of Flat Lake, taken from the air by Wes.  It was taken looking down the lake to the east towards Mud Lake and Big Lake.


Flat Lake Weather

Monday, 12/22/14.  Cloudy this morning, with a low of 19.   Light snow yesterday, with a high of 24, and snow accumulation of 1.5".  Total snow accumulation for the season is 11.25", but has settled to 6".  Thanks to Vern Monette, and Dan & Cathy Mayfield, the west end of Ice 5 is now plowed and open to traffic. The ice roads on Big Lake, Mud Lake,  Root Beer Lake, and Flat Lake have been plowed all the way, and should be safe for cars and pick ups.  South shore campground gate is now open.

It's always a good idea to check the ice thickness with a drill or chain saw before driving across an area that hasn't been plowed.  Use particular caution on the west end of Big Lake.  Just mark your chain saw bar like a ruler with a Sharpie.  I won't put our plow truck on less than 10" of clear ice.  We've put the driveways in. Wishing for more snow.









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We can also put a skookum top on as well as glass in your boat:

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Please remember the good

people who keep the roads to our

cabins open! Without them it

would be a long walk!

Donations to the Big Lake Ice Road Fund (just $100 for the whole winter!) for Flat Lake, Mud Lake, and Big Lake can be mailed to:

Carolyn Haggard

14949 Big Lake Lodge Road

Wasilla, AK 99623

A map of Big Lake has been added to the "Useful links" column below.

Several people have asked about the location of some of the points referenced in ice and road reports. I have to admit that, even though I've been coming up to Big Lake for over over 27 years, I still have to look at a map to find some of the geographic points.

I obtained permission from Todd Communications to use the map, and Digital Blueprints of Alaska was kind enough to scan it for me so I could upload it.

I'm going to try to add information to the map in the near future, but hopefully this helps.

Bob Shem Photo.

There's a vehicle at the bottom of

this hole.........see below.


An Evening at the Mayfields : 12-5-14



First rescue mission of the year.

We have been warning people for a couple of weeks not to trust the ice on the west end of the lake but many people are tempted, might I say attracted, to try traveling to the west end because the roads are so great on the east end and, of course, there are no warning signs to stop people.

So, as Cathy and I sit in our easy chairs at 1 AM watching the last part of a show, we see two headlights come down the lake. As these headlights reach the a...rea near Bentz Island, they disappear, we see taillights and then nothing. Cathy and I jump into our snow gear and boots and then jump onto our 4-wheelers heading for Bentz. When we arrive, we find two guys waving us down. They had safely gotten out of the vehicle while it was sinking, just barely.

These two guys actually complained that there should have been warning signs posted on the road to warn people not to continue.

Big Lake ice has claimed it's newest addition. A 2013 Denali. Please folks, do not trust the west end of the lake unless you have measured the ice along your route. May I suggest that businesses and individuals on the east end, warn people and post notices that the ice is unsafe on this end. It may help. Now 3:14 AM and overdue for bed.





Dan Mayfield brings us up to date on the new snowmachine trails -


Hi all,

For the last month, we have been working with the Borough, HDR, Gage Tree Service and the Railroad to put the final touches on the newly rerouted trails in our area. The Muleshoe Lake reroute has been brushed and marked along with new trail Kiosks. The same has been done on Trails 2 and Trail 16. Excavation work has been completed on Trail 2, 5 and a small portion of 6 to level out dangerous hills created by the reroutes. My final requirements before signing off on the entire... project is that the maps be finalized, Plexiglas be installed on all the kiosks and that I inspect the last portion of excavation work which was just completed. I expect to sign off on Tuesday after my inspection. The new trail system will have 20 more Kiosks than last year and will be posted with GPS coordinates for emergency rescue if needed. In addition, each new trail is extensively marked with signs, markers and carsonites. The resulting new trails will be something on the order of what you would see in the lower 48. I'm looking forward to showing it off.


Attached is a preliminary draft map of the trail system. It is only meant to show some of the changes and does contain some inaccuracies. Other corrections to this map will be completed this week.


The December monthly meeting will include a discussion of the changes and presentation of the revised trail maps.


Best Regards,


Dan Mayfield

Big Lake Trails, Inc.


Drafts of the new trail maps can be viewed here, and here. Please remember that these are preliminary.

Aaron from Big Lake put together an awesome video of himself and friends ice skating on the lake. Very nicely done, and best viewed in full screen.

Looks like a great way to spend an afternoon!


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Aurora Forcast

Thanks To Larry Taylor

Cathy Mayfield shares some

beautiful shots.

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