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Paul Hansmeyer forwarded an important e-mail from a Horseshoe Lake resident:


"I received this email from Cathi Kramer over on Horseshoe Lake."


Hello Neighbors, I was made aware of some suspicious activity in the Big Lake area last night …. Please be on the lookout for a Black S-10 Blazer / late 90’s – license plate GLV975 with 2 male occupants. Please contact the Alaska State Troopers if you see this vehicle. Occupants were seen fleeing from a home in the Big Lake area on 11/18/14 and have been reported in other areas as well. FYI - MEA has a scheduled power outage for our area from 1 pm – 3 pm today. Stay safe and warm! Thank You, Cathi Horseshoe Lake Firewise Coordinator

Suspicious Activity Warning!

The first of the season!

Remember to check the ice!

Over by Loon point, he was heading towards North shore campground? He was lucky there was a road nearby and towed it out the next morning.

TundraBen  11-9-14

Bob Ackles'  Waverunner captain. Ready to go!

Please remember the good

people who keep the roads to our

cabins open! Without them it

would be a long walk!

Donations to the Big Lake Ice Road Fund (just $100 for the whole winter!) for Flat Lake, Mud Lake, and Big Lake can be mailed to:

Haggard Boat Storage and Repair

14949 Big Lake Lodge Road

Wasilla, AK 99623

Flat Lake Weather

Thanksgiving Day, 11/27/14.  We have clear skies this morning, with a low of 10 above. High temp yesterday was 26, under partly sunny skies.  The west end of Big Lake froze over more than a week ago, but there were still a few open spots out there, around Bentz Isle, and Burston and Porkchop Islands.  Looking from South Big Lake Road yesterday, it appeared that they may have finally skimmed over.  There still appears to be a thin strip of open water near Bentz Isle.  People are traveling the east end of Big Lake on the ice, but as far as I know, the ice may be still quite thin in areas west of Burnt Point.


As of Wednesday, 11/26/14,  Flat Lake ice thickness, along the normal route of the ice road, is at 10", give or take a half inch,  most of the way.  It's a little thicker around the islands on the west end.  Within about 50 yards out from the channel, The ice is thinner- down to about 8",  except right next to the ice ridge, where it was only about 6" to 7".   Thanks to Larry Merriman for chopping out the ice ridge.  It had heaved up, and was not in contact with the water.  It is now re freezing.  Over to the left, as you get on the lake, (south), the jumbled up refrozen ice is 6" thick.  Toward the middle of the refrozen area, I found 5".  The ice is thicker to the far left (south) getting on the lake.  We brought our old Ford Explorer onto Flat Lake yesterday (Monday, 11/24/14)  and drove it home to the island.  Our rig weighs about 4,200 lbs.  You can Google your particular vehicle to see what it weighs, and decide whether you want to drive, or not.  It's always a good idea to check the ice thickness with a drill or chain saw before driving across an area that hasn't been checked.

In spite of the light dusting of snow, the ice skating is still great!  The lake is still making all kinds of noise, a good sign that the ice is getting thicker.







 Haggard Boat Storage and Repair http://haggardstorage.com/


Self-storage units now available for rent at Haggard Storage.  The units are 10' x 10', with concrete floors and interior sheetrock walls.  Heated units are $85 per month, unheated are $55 per month.  Units are available under a 6 month minimum contract.  Rent one for a year, and take 10% off! - Dale and Carolyn Haggard Call 907-892-7797 or 907-232-7411

We can also put a skookum top on as well as glass in your boat:

Dale Haggard

Carolyn Haggard


Dan Mayfield brings us up to date on the new snowmachine trails -


Hi all,

For the last month, we have been working with the Borough, HDR, Gage Tree Service and the Railroad to put the final touches on the newly rerouted trails in our area. The Muleshoe Lake reroute has been brushed and marked along with new trail Kiosks. The same has been done on Trails 2 and Trail 16. Excavation work has been completed on Trail 2, 5 and a small portion of 6 to level out dangerous hills created by the reroutes. My final requirements before signing off on the entire... project is that the maps be finalized, Plexiglas be installed on all the kiosks and that I inspect the last portion of excavation work which was just completed. I expect to sign off on Tuesday after my inspection. The new trail system will have 20 more Kiosks than last year and will be posted with GPS coordinates for emergency rescue if needed. In addition, each new trail is extensively marked with signs, markers and carsonites. The resulting new trails will be something on the order of what you would see in the lower 48. I'm looking forward to showing it off.


Attached is a preliminary draft map of the trail system. It is only meant to show some of the changes and does contain some inaccuracies. Other corrections to this map will be completed this week.


The December monthly meeting will include a discussion of the changes and presentation of the revised trail maps.


Best Regards,


Dan Mayfield

Big Lake Trails, Inc.


Drafts of the new trail maps can be viewed here, and here. Please remember that these are preliminary.

Aaron from Big Lake put together an awesome video of himself and friends ice skating on the lake. Very nicely done, and best viewed in full screen.

Looks like a great way to spend an afternoon!


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Aurora Forcast

Thanks To Larry Taylor

Cathy Mayfield shares some

beautiful shots.

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