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CROOKED LAKE REPORT Just got back from crooked lake and Freundly Island. The ice road in was amazing. Kudos to Brad and Travis who tirelessly groom that road so people can get to their cabins without incident. Our driveway is wide with a big area for parking. Brad will find extra $ in his stocking this year. It is important to me to thank those who do this but more importantly compensate them for their efforts.It is their time and their gas. I always throw in s nice bottle of wine and good chocolate with the dollars to seal the deal. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Brad. You indeed are a great neighbor and you are appreciated. Kathy Watsjold , Dave's old cabin or if you have been around the lake forever, Tom Tuttle built it and then Lars Wiker bought it. Kathy Watsjold 12-4-16 I was out to the cabin 11-29-16 in the Northwest cove. The ice measured 11-12" in all places except in the channel coming out of the landing on the left side is still pretty thin. Be careful and check for yourself as we do have warm spots all over the lake Royce Rock 12-1-16
Proceed with caution!! Check it first!

Some very cool aerial shots of the lake showing the progress of the ice. And no, that's not a road on the right side of picture four. It's a hovercraft trail. (I was getting my hopes up)

Thanks to Shawn Veech for the photos!


Cool looking clouds in the mornings this week!

Carolyn 10-13-16

Mixed weather on Labor Day weekend. Beautiful Saturday, dry Sunday, and absolutely soggy on Monday.

Pray for snow this year!!


An aerial view of the floating portion of the Craig Johnson remembrance of life.

Greg Gursey 7-9-16

1996 Polaris Jet Ski SLTX

Two out of three cylinders dead

Best offer call John 907 787-9651

Crooked Lake.



We had an interesting visitor Saturday evening. While we were in doing the dishes, this little guy got up on the table and decided to do a bit of wine tasting.It didn't get too far, but it was fun to watch.

Carolyn sent in a couple shots from over the weekend.

Flat Lake Weather

Tuesday , 12/6/16. Yesterday was partly cloudy, with temperatures hanging around 1 above all day.  It started to gradually warm up in the evening, eventually giving us our high of 9. The low this morning was 5 above.  We expect sunshine this afternoon with a high around 13.  The low tonight should be around 10 above.  Tomorrow is expected to bring more sunshine and a high of 14. Clear weather and colder temperatures are expected for the rest of the week.


Flat Lake has been completely frozen over since November 16. The ice roads and driveways  Locals are now using full size cars, pickups and limousines on Flat Lake.


Jake and Wes started plowing the ice road on Flat Lake Thursday, and Dan & Cathy Mayfield were establishing the ice road from Mud Lake to the south shore campground on Big Lake Thursday  night.  The state has opened the gate at the campground.


 The ice is very slick under the snow, so any ice roads are currently a work in progress.  The 7" of snow is taking time to clear. It's hard to push the snow, since the plow trucks keep breaking traction.  There will be plow trucks all over the lakes this weekend.  Please give them plenty of room, because they may not see you with all the snow blowing around.  It will take a while to get the roads established.


 Please ask your kids and visitors to avoid spinning their tracks in the snow berms. The mound of snow that they throw into the road sets up hard, and creates speed bumps that are hard on the equipment and the drivers when we plow the roads and driveways.


It's worth noting that the ice roads on Big Lake, Mud Lake, Root Beer Lake, and Flat Lake are a volunteer effort, not subsidized in any way by the state, borough, or any grants.  If you use the ice roads frequently, and would like to make a contribution to help these volunteers with gas and maintenance on their trucks, I will gladly accept any donations, and see that they are divided up among the the folks who spend a significant amount of their time and equipment establishing and maintaining these roads.  Checks can be made payable to Carolyn Haggard, 14949 Big Lake Lodge Rd., Wasilla, AK 99623.  If you spend much time plowing the main ice roads, and haven't  gotten a share from this unofficial fund in the past, please let me know so that you can be included.  Folks who have their own plows are always encouraged to drop their blade on the way in or out if the roads are being cleared.


Always check with locals and use a drill or chainsaw to check ice thickness as you go when venturing onto the unplowed ice, unless someone you trust has checked it first.  Ice thickness can vary greatly over relatively short distances.










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page entitled "Camp Tukuskoya" The page focuses on the early days of the camp, but there's a lot to see in the backgrounds of the images as well. Accompanying the images is a first hand recollection from one of the early campers.

If you have old pictures of the lake and would like to send them to me, I'd be happy to put together another page.

BIG LAKE ICE Hello All, I have a place in Duncan Cove West of Hulen's Point. On Saturday 12/3, I personally measured the ice from The Call to Burnt point and found no less than 13 1/8" of clear black ice the entire way. It is safe to say the plowed roads should build close to 3/4" of ice per day in single digit temps and snow covered/insulated at approximately 1/2" of ice per day in single digit temperatures. These are conservative estimates. Norm Parrott 12-3-16 West end Big Lake ice update: measured from our cabin to middle of main ice road location and to channel found no less than 8 inches and at best 9 inches. The ice is very black, no white ice at all. 11-25-16 Happy Thanksgiving to all , just walked from the Call of the Wild wayside to our cabin (west to east)due to battery life only measured to 5 inches but it was all black ice all the way. I will check it with a chainsaw tomorrow and give a better report. The ice cracks looked to be about 8-10 inches. Michael Feeney 11-24-16

We've had some strange weather lately.  Freeze up has pretty much been on hold for the last week or so.  Yesterday's temperatures reached 41 degrees, with some rain in the early afternoon, so the little bit of snow we had on the ice has all melted.


The first picture shows that Flat Lake got out the vote on Tuesday.  100% participation!  The other 3 photos are complements of Wes Erb, who flew over the area on Wednesday. In order, they show the east end of Big Lake, the west end of Big Lake, and Flat Lake.  The shots of Big Lake were taken looking north, the one of Flat Lake was taken looking to the south.  The open water at Philpott's Cove and the open area closer to the north shore are connected by an ice ridge/open lead that cuts all the way across the lake.  This will be an area of concern for a little bit, as we can expect thin ice there for a while after it freezes over.


We still have a little over 4" of ice at our dock.  There is less than that on the east end of Flat Lake.  It must be remembered that ice loses strength when temperatures rise above freezing.  An area that was fine to walk on when the temperature is in the 20s may not be safe when temps rise into the 30s.  An ice skater fell through the ice last Saturday on Big Lake, near the condos on the south shore.  He was very fortunate to have been seen and helped by local residents, who got our first responders on scene.  The got him out and medivaced by helicopter to the hospital, where he was treated and released.

Carolyn Haggard  11-11-16


IT'S STARTING! Carolyn 10-23-16

Beautiful sunrise. Thanks to

Scott Seely!



STOLEN. 14 Foot Loweline boat. AK 6732 AM. Was tied to a tree next to all the other boats at the Purinton boat ramp on Flat Lake.

It disappeared between last Sunday and yesterday. If you think you have any information please call Bob at 952-2254 or the troopers.


A beautiful night after a gorgeous day! I'm loving this summer!


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