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Nice shots of the ice going out!

Tyler Ouelette


Images of Flat Lake and Red Shirt Lake.

Ed Ruebling


The ice roads are starting to get a bit wet and slushy. There's still plenty of ice, at least for now.


Rob Nuss 4-2-17

Beautiful shot of the icicles hanging from the roof.

Bob Shem March 2017

This is what boiling water looks like when you fling it in sub-zero temps.

Carolyn Haggard - January 2017

Cool looking clouds in the mornings this week!

Carolyn 10-13-16

Mixed weather on Labor Day weekend. Beautiful Saturday, dry Sunday, and absolutely soggy on Monday.

Pray for snow this year!!


An aerial view of the floating portion of the Craig Johnson remembrance of life.

Greg Gursey 7-9-16

Flat Lake Weather

Thursday, 5/22/17. The low this morning was 40. We're expecting rain showers, possibly heavy at times, this afternoon.  The high should be in the low 50s.   Some clearing tonight, lasting into tomorrow morning, will bring cool overnight temperatures. A low in the upper 30s is predicted. The high tomorrow expected to be in the low 50s, with rain showers.





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ON FLAT LAKE TIME is the story of how my beautiful, resourceful wife, Gail, and I solved the many unforeseen problems encountered when we moved off the road system to a remote cabin on a lake in Big Lake, Alaska. It chronicles the adventurous lives of the Flat Lake “home guard” and the shift in perspective it takes to fully enjoy and look forward to the next challenge.

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Aurora Forcast

Thanks To Larry Taylor


A new page

has been added to

the site. It's a link

on the"Memories"

page entitled"Camp"Tukuskoya"  The page focuses on the early days of the camp, but there's a lot to see in the backgrounds of the images as well. Accompanying the images is a first hand recollection from one of the early campers.

If you have old pictures of the lake and would like to send them to me, I'd be happy to put together another page.

Summer has arrived on Flat Lake!  Other than the remains of some snow berms that are still stuck to some north facing shorelines, the ice is gone from Flat Lake and Mud Lake.  Big Lake is still mostly covered in ice, but we're seeing some areas starting to open up, especially on the east end.


The first photo was taken on Monday.  Jake was out breaking ice in his skiff.  He wasn't alone; there were several "Westenders" out there, and we managed to make it all the way to the islands from the channel, but the ice was still pretty tough.


The aerial photo was taken by Craig Taylor on Wednesday morning.  Amazing how much open water developed in two days.


As you can see from the next mirror image pic, our cove was ice-free last night.


There was still a good sized area of floating ice visible this morning in the east end of Flat Lake, but it was all gone by later this afternoon.


The last two pics are of Big Lake, and were taken early this evening from South Big Lake Rd.  The first is the Starboard Cove area.  Big areas of open water were starting develop. The last photo is the area near Marshall Point.  Still pretty much solid, but with temperatures warming into the 60s, and the breezy weather, it won't take long now!

Carolyn Haggard


Input still needed regarding the Flat Lake landing!

I have attached a copy of the legislation as well as the Informational Memorandum. The Ordinance 17-060 will be introduced May 16th and will have a public hearing/deliberations on June 6th. If members of the public would like to testify in favor of the Ordinance, please show up at the Assembly Chambers in Palmer on June 6th at 6 PM.


So far, the Borough has received 23 letters in regards to this purchase and all have been in favor. In addition, the Big Lake Community Council unanimously supported the purchase.


I believe we will have a very positive outcome.




Dan Mayfield



Getting close!

Carolyn Haggard 5-9-17

The latest shots of the ice conditions.

Carolyn Haggard  4-27-17

The crack on the road to the north shore. I hope this heals soon....

Carolyn Haggard - March 2017


Cool shot of a bubble that froze before popping and landed on a snowy tree limb.

Carolyn Haggard - January 2017

We had an interesting visitor Saturday evening. While we were in doing the dishes, this little guy got up on the table and decided to do a bit of wine tasting.It didn't get too far, but it was fun to watch.

IT'S STARTING! Carolyn 10-23-16

Carolyn sent in a couple shots from over the weekend.

Beautiful sunrise. Thanks to

Scott Seely!


A beautiful night after a gorgeous day! I'm loving this summer!


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